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Lee Pharmacy Bedside Delivery Program

As a service to our patients before leaving the hospital, Lee Pharmacy can fill and deliver your discharge medications to your bedside at no extra cost to you. If you prefer, you (or a family member or caregiver) may also pick up your medication at Lee Pharmacy.

If you would like to participate in the Bedside Delivery Program, please fill out the Bedside Delivery Program consent form before discharge and give it to your nurse or fax it to the hospital's fax number below:

  • Cape Coral Hospital: 239-424-2466  
  • Gulf Coast Medical Center: 239-343-1601   
  • Lee Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Hospital: 239-343-2703 
  • Health Park Medical Center/Golisano Children's Hospital: 239-985-3880  

Upon discharge, medications will be delivered to the patient's room.

For additional information, please call one of our Lee Pharmacy locations.

Have a Question? Ask a Lee Pharmacist at

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