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Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) FAQ

Lee Health and Golisano's Children's Hospital: Southwest Florida's Trusted Partner in Providing Pediatric Care

Our team of pediatric specialists are committed providing exceptional experience and compassionate care to help your child lead their best life. Through continued innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of our community, we are here to help you navigate all your pediatric care needs.

What is a PPEC?

PPEC is an acronym that stands for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care. Golisano Children's Hospital PPEC is a proven and innovative model that improves access to care for families seeking an alternative choice to prolonged hospital stays when nursing is unavailable. Designed to give medically fragile children or children with complex medical conditions quality medical care in the least restrictive environment possible thus allowing their parents to work or attend school.

Golisano Children's Hospital PPEC provides:

  • A center with nursing services to support children who are medically fragile
  • A dependable, safe option to supplement home care nursing
  • A team approach to care by combining trained caregivers and nurses

Pediatric Specialists Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres

Does my child qualify for PPEC?

Infants or children up to 21 years old who require some form of nursing intervention are candidates for Golisano Children's Hospital PPEC program, with the average age of children in the program being approximately 22 months old. This program specifically serves children with medically complex conditions that require continual medical care outside of a residential setting. 

Typical needs to qualify for PPEC include:

  • Gastrostomy Tubes (G-Tubes)
  • Oxygen
  • Apnea Monitors
  • Central Lines
  • Tracheostomy (Trach) tubes
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Ostomies
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Seizures
  • Pre/Post Surgical Problems

Speak to your physician to initiate the process for admission to Golisano's PPEC program.


Golisano Children's Hospital PPEC allows your child integrate into the community by being discharged from a hospital to your home with your family. PPEC supports, not only your child's medical needs, but their social, educational and developmental needs to help them in becoming independent within their community.

Some benefits include:

  • More reliable health care options than home care services
  • Overcoming the isolation of home care services by offering a space to socialize while ensuring quality medical care
  • A centralized location for therapy and nursing services

Is PPEC a daycare?

Golisano Children's Hospital PPEC is a nursing center staffed with registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, aides and therapists with very specific pediatric experience that are focused on serving your child's unique medical, developmental and social needs in the least restrictive environment possible.

How do I enroll my child in PPEC?

Call PPEC to schedule a tour and find out if your child qualifies.

  • Patients get on the wait list via referrals, calls, and walk-ins (calls preferred)

How do patients get to PPEC?

PPEC works with each patients insurance to provide busses that will come directly to your house to pick up and drop off your child. Busses are staffed with a skilled PPEC team member that will be in contact with you during transport. You may also choose to pick up and drop off your child directly to the center.

How much is PPEC, and is it covered by insurance?

PPEC is covered by Medicaid and some commercial insurances. Call PPEC to find out more.

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