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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Your Generous Plasma Donation Can Help Fight COVID-19

Have you recently recovered from COVID-19? Lee Health is in need of convalescent plasma donations to help refill supply levels. Under an emergency use authorization (EUA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made investigational convalescent plasma available for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients as part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to fight COVID-19. 

Please consider donating, and read below for more information.

To donate, email

Lee Health/Mayo Clinic Partnership

As we continue to provide you with complete and compassionate care during this difficult time, Lee Health and other leading healthcare organizations have been invited to be part of the Mayo Clinic's Convalescent Plasma Donor Program. 

How Does Giving Blood Help?

There is no known safe and effective treatment for COVID-19, but researchers believe that plasma from recovered patients contains antibodies that may help others overcome this deadly disease.

To Donate

When you are feeling stronger and want to volunteer to donate, we invite you to call 239-343-2332 or email

All donated blood stays right here in Southwest Florida.

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How Does it Work? 

Plasma contains water, salt, antibodies, and other proteins. It is collected from healthy, voluntary blood donors through a process called plasmapheresis. 

Medical experts have been using the power of convalescent plasma for more than 100 years to treat disorders and infectious diseases such as immunodeficiency, H1N1 influenza, SARS and MERS.

Donors simply prepare to give blood like they normally would, relax and our experts will take it from there!

What You Need To Know

  1. You can donate blood if you had a positive test and have fully recovered from COVID-19 or had no symptoms of infection.
  2. Lee Health will provide donors with necessary forms that are required for routine blood donation consent.
  3. If potential donors are appropriate, an appointment for blood donation is scheduled at a Lee Health donation site.
  4. Donating blood plasma is very safe, and dedicated experts perform the procedure every day across the country. Lee Health uses the strictest safety policies to ensure a sterile environment and donor comfort.

More Information & Resources

Are you scheduled to be tested for COVID-19 or awaiting results of a test? Lee Health is dedicated to providing the best possible care if you develop symptoms. If your test comes back positive, please follow the CDC's guidelines for quarantine and care. Once you recover, you are welcome to donate blood plasma to help. We'll be here for you every step of the way!

Read more about the National COVID-19 Convalescent Study Project - including resources for healthcare professionals, patients and scientists.

Click to learn more about the Mayo Clinic Expanded Access Convalescent Plasma Study.