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Balance Therapy

Experts helping you live a better life

Balance disorders, including dizziness and vertigo, are common and sometimes lead to an increased likelihood of experiencing a fall. In fact, in Lee County, the mortality rate in seniors is higher as a result of a fall than a motor vehicle accident.

The consequences of untreated chronic dizziness and balance problems often lead to a decreased sense of self-confidence, a decline in functional abilities and a tendency to adopt a sedentary lifestyle which greatly increases the risk of falls. 

Finding the exact cause of a person's balance and/or dizziness problem can be a daunting task, and people often report having to consult with several health care providers before finding the help and solutions they need. 

Balance retraining and vestibular therapy play a vital role in the recovery of people with dizziness, vertigo and/or balance problems.

Our specially trained therapists perform comprehensive evaluations and develop unique treatment programs for each patient. We strive to improve self-confidence and self-reliance in your mobility skills.

Disorders evaluated and treated

  • History of falls
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Motion sensitivity/Intolerance
  • Other vestibular disorders
  • Balance problems related to deconditioning and weakness, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and stroke

Our balance and vestibular rehabilitation experts provide therapy at 11 convenient facilities across Lee County. Licensed therapists perform comprehensive evaluations and develop unique treatment programs to meet individual needs.

Need an appointment?

Patients need a referral from a physician to begin therapies. To schedule your therapy, please call 239-343-1999.

Benefits of Balance Screenings