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TeleRehab: Online Physical Therapy

Online Physical Therapy From Home

Our experts have modified Physical Therapy to focus on patients’ unique needs. This virtual, modern solution allows you to connect with a therapist using a computer or mobile device. 

How it works: Therapists review and update exercises with the patients during the visit or through email.

You and your therapist will discuss progress, review exercises and can even demonstrate and perform the exercises or activities together. 

Our therapists have a trained eye to observe how your therapy is going — even through video —and they have the ability to take actual measurements from your computer screen. This ensures progressive treatment and success during your virtual physical therapy session.

Can anyone start doing TeleRehab?

TeleRehab is for current patients who want to continue being treated by a Lee Health physical therapist but prefer to stay at home. 

  • Rehabillitation physician and patient


    Comprehensive care, both inside and outside the hospital, to help you recover after injury, surgery, or illness


Now you can use MyChart for a scheduled online virtual visit with your Lee Health physical therapist. Your doctor’s office will help you get set up so you can address health concerns from the comfort of your own home.

What do visits look like? 

The therapist will answer questions and run patients through a therapy session with clear and concise instructions. Patients should make sure they have adequate space near their computer or the ability to move the iPad or laptop around.

The therapist will observe the patient’s quality of movement, muscle activation and any compensation patterns that are present.

How should I prepare for my visit? 

Online physical therapy sessions aren't much different than in-person physical therapy sessions. In addition to your regular prep routine, you should make sure you have: 

  • A fully charged laptop, iPad or desktop computer
  • A computer or iPad with a working camera and speakers (audio)
  • MyChart access
  • Open space around the computer to do exercises

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