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Specialized Joint Rehabilitation


Joint replacement surgery often comes after years of living with pain. The surgery offers hope for an improved quality of life and a return to a more active lifestyle.

The first vital step in recovery after surgery is rehabilitation, and the skilled nursing facilities at Lee Health offer individualized joint rehabilitation programs designed to help you recover and thrive—whether your goal is to return to the golf course, the garden or enjoy more mobility in your home.

Our Team is Dedicated to Your Success 

Our highly skilled rehabilitation team includes nurses, social workers, therapists and advanced medical providers. Working together with you and your family, your rehabilitation team develops individualized treatment plans to help you regain the mobility, strength and confidence to reach your goals.

Comprehensive Treatment Results in Shorter Stays 

The treatment plans are individualized and tailored to your specific needs. We provide you with a comprehensive weekly therapy schedule that includes 5-7 sessions of both physical and occupational therapy, and speech therapy if necessary. This helps ensure successful outcomes and a shorter length of stay.

“My physical and occupational therapy was structured for my individual needs, as it was for each and every one rehabbing at HealthPark [Care & Rehabilitation Center]…I became part of the team and in doing so exceeded my goals.” – Adrienne

Our Award-Winning Skilled Nursing Facilities 

We have continually been recognized with the 5-Star Quality rating from the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS). Our team is truly dedicated to our patients and their families, and to ensuring that we provide the highest quality care with compassion and respect.

A Home Away from Home 


HealthPark Care & Rehabilitation Center and the Gulf Coast Medical Skilled Nursing Unit features a fully functioning kitchen, and washer and dryer. These amenities help simulate a real home environment, which helps you feel more comfortable and confident that you can return to your everyday activities.

Facility Locations: