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Critical Incident Stress Response

What is CISR?

Critical Incident Stress Response establishes a voluntary, confidential and caring procedure for the response to employees and volunteers who have encountered a distressing event with sufficient impact to influence them emotionally and impact their effective coping skills.

The CISR Team comprises certified members in CSIM (Critical Incident Stress Management) by the ICISF, Inc. (International Critical Incident Stress Foundations, Inc.)

The Team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide support to Lee Health employees and volunteers through debriefing and defusings.

To request a CISR Team member, please contact your House Supervisor or House Operator.

Examples of a major distressing event include:

  • Direct contact with a deceased, severely injured or critically ill child
  • An event resulting in injury to a patient to include support of involved staff
  • The death of serious injury of a co-worker
  • The serious injury / death of a family member or close friend of a co-worker
  • The suicide of a co-worker or co-worker's family member / friend
  • Violent acts that threaten injury or kill a co-worker or patients / families including violence in the System workplace
  • A disaster, such as, a hurricane or a multiple injury / death event
  • Civilians and/or co-workers killed or severely injured in the course of emergency operations
  • Cases involving a high profile individual

Contact the Spiritual Services Department at 239-343-5199 for information about our CISR Program