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How You Can Help Your Lee Health Trauma Center

Lee Health is a publicly owned, not-for-profit organization, and is the largest public entity in the state that receives no direct tax support. 

As your community-owned hospital, all surplus funds over budget, or "profits," are directed back into Lee Health where they are used to fund the expansion and creation of facilities, the purchases of new equipment, and to keep Lee Health on the leading edge of the newest medical technology. However, providing certain services creates a financial strain that makes it difficult the continuation of providing these services. Trauma Services is one such program.

In 2003, a Community Task Force representing a diverse cross section of professionals from Southwest Florida area undertook an extensive detailed study of Lee Health (then Lee Memorial Health System), its level of services, financial statements, and financial practices.

The task force arrived at the following conclusions:

  • LMHS is an efficient, well-managed health care organization.
  • LMHS offers high quality health care and is consistently ranked in the top 100 health care facilities in the nation.
  • LMHS's operating costs are among the lowest in the nation among health care institutions, ranking in the 25th percentile, meaning that about 75 percent of similar health care providers have higher operating costs.
  • LMHS's operating costs are among the lowest in Florida among health care institutions, ranking in the 25th percentile, meaning that about 75 percent of similar health care providers in Florida have higher operating costs.
  • LMHS's financial policies, with respect to capital needs vs. available cash reserves and its investment structures and practices, are appropriate.
  • LMHS needs $10 million annually in funding based on 2001 financial statements to keep the community's Level II Trauma Center operational.
  • LMHS cannot generate the necessary funding to maintain operation of the trauma center through its internal operations.

How to donate

We welcome you to donate directly to the trauma center/trauma district. Or contact us:

The Lee Health Foundation
PO Box 2218
Fort Myers, FL 33902