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Urgent Care

Pain and illnesses don't make appointments. With urgent care, you don't need to. Visit one of our five Lee Convenient Care locations or our Kids' Urgent Care.

Lee Health Urgent Care

There's no good time to be sick or injured. When injuries or illnesses happen unexpectedly, urgent care can be the place to go.

The experienced staff at Lee Health's urgent care clinics helps you get better, quickly — with thorough treatment for sprains, strains, pain, cuts, rashes, urinary tract infections, and more. We also specialize in cold and flu treatment that easier and drastically faster than emergency rooms.

Patients who can't get an appointment with their primary care doctor are also welcome to stop by. Each Lee Health urgent care location offers extended hours seven days a week, before and after your work day.

We follow strict protocols during COVID-19 to keep you safe, so don't delay care you need.

On My Way

Want even more convenience? Learn about our new service, available through Lee Health's MyChart app.

  • On My Way

    Use On My Way at two of our Lee Convenient Care facilities to check your wait times, make an appointment, and secure your place in line.

Learn More

Lee Health is proud to provide urgent care locations for your convenience. We invite you to read more about services and treatments as well as when to visit us instead of the emergency room. 

Find a Location Near You

Want More Options?

Lee Health is proud to provide Lee TeleHealth for urgent care visits from the comfort of your own home.
  • Lee TeleHealth

    Our innovative service connects you with a doctor so you don't have to wait at Urgent Care for cold and flu, sore throats, rashes, and more.

They’re spread throughout Lee County. But when should you use Convenient Care and when is it time to go straight to the emergency department? “The emergency room is where we really, really encourage patients to go when they have chest pain, they are short of breath, they’re having stroke symptoms, which most people know what those are, they might have a broken leg or a broken arm, and the bone is actually sticking out of the person,” said Suzanne Fiscella, a nurse practitioner with Lee Health. Health experts say it’s important to make an appointment with your primary care physician if you have any medical concerns, but if a patient can’t wait to see their doctor, convenient cares are equipped to help. If a patient has flu-like symptoms, a sudden rash, a minor laceration or a broken bone, Convenient Care is the place to go, if you can’t get in with your primary care physician. “We do take you in priority. If you’re having chest pain or something like that, we’ll pull you back, but we’ll also get you out by ambulance faster,” said Fiscella. If a patient needs emergency care, an ambulance can transfer them from Convenient Care to a hospital emergency department. “If the patient has hit their head or they lost consciousness they need to go to the ER because they have a CT scan,” she said. After leaving Convenient Care, it’s important patients follow up with their physician. “Take for instance pneumonia, even though we might treat pneumonia at the urgent care or Convenient Care we want to make sure that someone has listened to those lungs down the road,” said Fiscella. Convenient Care can offer care for patients who don’t need immediate medical care but who can’t wait to see their doctor.

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