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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. 

Patient Guide to Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Ratings

At Lee Health, our mission is to be a trusted partner, empowering heathier lives through care and compassion. Choosing a healthcare provider is an important decision. To help you find the right provider for you, we are transparent with how other patients feel about their experiences with our physicians, advanced practitioners, and other care team members.  Lee Health is committed to sharing the comments and provider rating scores from fellow patients.

This document provides information regarding the patient experience survey and the provider star ratings to help you understand how these insights can aid in your decision-making.

About the surveys

Lee Health and Lee Physician Group regularly send surveys to our patients to measure if we are delivering exceptional care. To help us with this process, we partner with PRC, an independent patient satisfaction company. For more than 40 years, PRC has worked with over 2,800 healthcare organizations, helping them track, trend, and improve patients’ experiences with healthcare services. 

Who receives the survey?

Lee Health sends surveys to all patients who visit a physician, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified nurse-midwife, or another advanced provider. Lee Health uses e-surveys (text or email), depending on the patient’s preference.

Are the surveys confidential?

Yes, the survey is confidential. We do not attach patient names to the survey because we want our patients to feel comfortable expressing their opinions. The survey administration process is handled exclusively by PRC.

What questions are in the survey?

Lee Health deploys the PRC Provider Loyalty survey to all patients with a qualified visit. These confidential surveys ask questions about the encounter with the provider, nurses, and other offices staff, as well as aspects of the office visit. We also solicit open-ended comments about the visit.  

What do we do with the survey responses?

In addition to posting survey results on, we share aggregated results directly with the providers, their team members, and various leadership personnel. Lee Health administration, office management, and the providers are constantly reviewing survey responses because they are committed to delivering high-quality, exceptional care. 

How are physician’s patient satisfaction star ratings created?

Lee Health calculates the physician star rating from patient responses on seven questions that focus on interactions with the physician, including: 

How would you rate your provider on:

  • Explaining the medical condition and treatment
  • Involving you in decisions about your care
  • Spending enough time and not seeming rushed
  • His or her listening skills
  • His or her courtesy and friendliness
  • Likelihood to recommend to family and friends
  • Quality of care

Lee Health uses the scores from a rolling 365 days, and we update our results weekly. 

Do you post every comment?

Lee Health strives for transparency with our community, so we post both positive and negative comments. However, we do not post comments that contain personal identifying information, inappropriate language, and comments that do not meet our community guidelines. 

Why are some physicians missing patient ratings and comments? 

Lee Health posts provider ratings and comments after receiving a minimum of 30 completed surveys.

Can anyone complete a survey or post a comment about a physician?

No, we only post the survey results received from our official patient experience survey process. This ensures all comments are from patients with direct interactions with the providers.

Why share patient comments about the provider?

We understand how important the relationship is between a patient and a medical provider. We believe providing the thoughts and insights of other patients will help new patients choose the best provider for their needs. 

How many patients respond to these surveys?

We receive approximately 100,000 surveys each year for our providers at Lee Physician Group.