A Full-service Retail Pharmacy

Located on the first floor of Lee Memorial Hospital, HealthPark Medical Center, Gulf Coast Medical Center, Cape Coral Hospital, Lee Pharmacy enables patients to leave the hospital with their prescriptions filled.

Lee Pharmacy offers:

  • A full array of generic and brand-name medications—
    we have it all
  • Specialty supplies and medications that are typically difficult to locate
  • Pediatric preparations of medications most pharmacies are unable to make
  • Most major prescription insurance plans and all major credits cards accepted


You can pick up your prescriptions in person at Lee Pharmacy (in the lobby of Lee Memorial or HealthPark Medical Center near the cafeteria) or they can be shipped to you via mail at no additional charge.

Refills may also be picked up in person or shipped via mail.

Contact Lee Pharmacy

For questions or to transfer your prescriptions, call Lee Pharmacy at:

  • Lee Pharmacy at Lee Memorial Hospital
  • 239-343-2800 - Phone
  • 239-343-2703 - Fax

  • Lee Pharmacy at HealthPark Medical Center
  • 239-343-5100 - Phone
  • 239-343-5275 - Fax

  • Lee Pharmacy at Gulf Coast Medical Center
  • 239-343-1600 - Phone
  • 239-343-1601 - Fax

  • Lee Pharmacy at Cape Coral Hospital
  • 239-424-2456 - Phone
  • 239-424-2466 - Fax

  • Lee Pharmacy at Page Field
  • 239-343-9836 - Phone
  • 239-343-9838 - Fax

  • Golisano/Nicklaus Children's Health Center
  • 239-254-5900 - Phone
  • 239-254-5902 - Fax

You may also contact Lee Pharmacy via email at LeePharmacy@LeeHealth.org.

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