safe kids logoSafe Kids mission is to prevent unintentional injuries, the leading cause of death and disability in children. Each year, an estimated 4 million Florida children (1 out of 4), ages 14 and under, will experience injuries serious enough to require medical attention.

The Lee/Collier Area Safe Kids, led by Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, is a group of organizations and concerned citizens mobilized to fight the #1 killer of children, unintentional injuries.

Affiliated with the Safe Kids Worldwide, Lee/Collier Area Safe Kids is dedicating its efforts to help raise awareness among the general public and policy makers through education, direct intervention programs and public policy initiatives. Lee/Collier Area Safe Kids has given away thousands of bicycle helmets, car seats and other safety equipment to reach thousands of children with "hands-on" safety programs.

The safety and good health of all children is important to The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Please join us and learn how to keep your children injury free!

Florida Childhood Injury Facts
  • Accidental injury is the leading cause of death and disability among Florida's children ages 14 and under.
  • During 2006 approximately 300,000 children will be treated in Florida hospital emergency departments.
  • Total emergency department charges to treat Florida injured children ages 14 and under were $300 million.
  • Approximately 6,700 of Florida's children were taken to a hospital because of injuries.
  • Total hospital inpatient charges to treat Florida's injured children ages 14 and under was over $156 million.