The Healthy Life Center offers Pre-Employment Fitness Screening for:

  • Fort Myers Police Department
  • Lee County Sheriff Department

Applicants for certified positions (law enforcement and corrections) are required to complete an agility test (fitness evaluation) conducted by the staff of the Lee Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness. Please call 239-343-4980 for an appointment.

Submission of paperwork is mandatory prior to time of testing. The fee is $40 (cash or credit card) which, if hired by the Sheriff's Office, will be reimbursed to you. The necessary paperwork can be picked up at Headquarters prior to your appointment or click here to download and print the forms. A physician's clearance my be required. Descriptions of each test are available below. A passing score is 300 total points.

Body Composition: This test estimates body fat percentage. The 3-site skin fold measurement technique quantifies the thickness of the subcutaneous fat.

Aerobic Capacity: We use the sub-max treadmill test (Bruce protocol) to estimate your maximal oxygen uptake. This test will last 3-13 minutes with the speed and incline of the treadmill gradually increasing.

Flexibility: While sitting on the floor, you will be reaching as far forward as you can with your legs extended straight. This determines your hamstring and lower back muscle flexibility.

Abdominal Endurance: This involves lying on your back and performing an abdominal curl-up to a set rhythm.  The test is over when you vary off the rhythm or at the end of 90 seconds.  This test is set to the cadence of 40 beats per minute until you reach a predetermined maximum number for your age and gender or if shoulders do not clear the floor/mat.

Push-Ups: To determine upper body strength, you will do as many push-ups as you can uninterrupted. The test is concluded when your form becomes incorrect or exhaustion. Men perform the military style push-ups; women do the modified push-up.

Click on the following links to download and print the necessary forms:

Health History Questionnaire & Medical Clearance - Mandatory
Assumption of Risk - Mandatory
Fitness Summary - Optional, explains the point scoring scale

Mandatory forms must be completed and received by Fax, Mail or in person prior to scheduling an appointment.

Fax: 239-343-4989
Mail: 3114 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901

For more information, please call 239-343-4980 or email us at: